Friday, December 23, 2011

The Windmill Station & Tutti Frutti Melaka

So finally my cravings for TWS has finally ended! Well, still craved for more hehe. I must say, Windmill Station (TWS) is definitely one of the best restaurant that caters western food here in Melaka. On top of that, the price is so cheap. Oh they also have this kind of menu set, where u'll get one entree meal, a soup-of-the-day, and a drinks (fruit juice)
So worth it! 

Their menu is very meriah u know, chicken and steak, steak and lamb, double sirloin steak etc etc etc, very much suitable for big eaters! ahhhh, I used to frequent TWS in Jusco Ayer Keroh but ever since they've shutted down there (due to unknown reason?) I could find less opportunity to dine in there haish. Pity me.

But now, they are operating in 3 different venues ; Melaka Raya, Bukit Beruang (BB) as well as in Seremban 2, N9!
of kos, Bukit Beruang is the nearest one, but the location is tard confusing! As usual, before I went to any restaurants, I'll visit their webs first, and it said that TWS BB is located in Pangsapuri Ixora, duhh I went around that place all over and over again but my mission to look for TWS came to no avail~ Thank goodness finally I saw it. Boy, its just besides the main road! quite far actually from the so-called Ixora. Lame. 

I really like the designs in this new TWS restaurant, compared to their old premise in JJ Ayer Keroh. Coupled with bit decorations for the upcoming Christmas, it truly impressed me. The service is also very excellent! Good day for me, perhaps. This TWS is so so near to Melaka MMU. So damn jealous with those lucky MMU students. I still dunno where the hell to get marvellous-yet-reasonably-priced western restaurants in Shah Alam! Just heaven-of-fast-foods I guess?

Later, I went to TF for some dessert as I knew the Tutti Frutti is just next door to TWS. Melaka's first TF branch haha. KL dah berlambak dah.

So here are what I had in TWS BB.

the soup-of-the-day. ahh basically mushroom soup.
its in the set menu but I dont really bother bout this.

My father's chicken chop, damn good! I LOVE LOVE that  potato salad!
MYR 10.90 only.

the orange juice that came with the set.

My salmon steak! less than MYR 20 in the set menu?
hermm OK, but I much prefer the other options ; lamb, sirloin steaks, lamb & chicken etc etc

my TF for dessert. Duhh they din have my fav Straws! So selekeh anyway. 

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