Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Cendol and Laksa @ Seksyen 6 Shah Alam

I'm proud to say that am a cendol addict! I really love to try any cendol that looks tantalizing ( minus the ones sold in the pasar malam, the looks tell it all ) because this fantastic drinks rarely disappoint me! So, as I noticed there's a mini stall selling my favourite cendol here in Seksyen 6 ( behind Petronas gas station ) I quickly jumped at this opportunity, oh supposed to be an easy-opportunity but turns out I didn't get to buy even one, twice! By the time I was about to taste it, its sold out already. So I'd think, is this cendol really that good ? So why not we try right. Ahh thank goodness finally I got the chance to try it out today, at 4 pm ( don't want to be disappointed again if I come back later at 6 something ), and I also opted to taste the Laksa sold here too, hoping both would taste great, if not perfect. 

Have you noticed that I write this entry in length, albeit this is just about streetfood? Merely cendol and laksa only? ( Ahh then again it might be just my true nature : babbling about unrelated things HAHA ) Well truth is, I think I really should practise myself to write, gain ideas about every little things, mind you, Trial IELTS is coming soon! Right after CNY break, my class will have Speaking Test, and its will be done with my last year Ko-PLN advisor! I really do not have a good picture of myself seating the upcoming speaking test. Gosh I hope I'd do well, at least acceptable. 
Oh, the pictures.

The cendol priced at RM 1.5

My laksa, RM 3.50. Is it overpriced?
considering this is just a street food, plus I didn't even finish it all.

So all in all, the cendol was OK, but frankly the X-factor is still not that strong, to keep me going and frequenting this stall later on. Oh this just makes me so damn missing the extremely delicious cendol I had near the FS in Sikamat, Seremban. I always had my usual cendol and Rojak Mee there before the Friday prayer. #OhOldMemories. Damn, and I think that maybe MT's cendol is better too? Again? 

Alhamdulillah. Now where should I spend this? Melaka or Kinokuniya? :/

By the way, what a good day today is! I finally got my RM 200 vouchers. At last! after all those rumours saying that we Intec students will not be able to get our hands on these vouchers, like what the Hell were you guys thinking? I just cannot believe it, even my A-Levels instructor posted a notice saying that A-Levels student won't get these vouchers. On what grounds? The simple reason : we are just foundation students. OK then isn't that foundation and matriculation are merely the same? Alright, the spellings are not, forgive me. 

Posted this one just because I feel like doing, no offense ;D
but now the words 'Pelajar INTEC' has become like this : 'Pelajar INTEC'

Oh but this issue is closed already, we finally got our rightful rights, and am truly not blaming anyone. Just write this off to make my post lengthier HEHE. Ok I should stop. Bye.

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