Sunday, January 15, 2012

Danidana Takoyaki, Plaza Shah Alam

Yesterday, I had my early lunch, or so-called brunch at Plaza Shah Alam in Seksyen 9..At first I intended to simply walk there, but too lazy to do so HEHE, plus I went there by my own this time. Didn't manage to join my ALM friends in the Big Kid's Day event in Intec, missed the bus earlier of that morning TSK TSK. Surely missed the fun in all those games paiseh. So, RapidKL T602 it is~ 

Well, this was not my first time buying food from this Japanese-food stall there, I usually frequented to take-away their extremely scrumptious Takoyaki, usually octopus one. But this time I opted to try their other menu ; udon noodles, as well as the pudding too. Thank God they have a set menu for that! and boy, its kinda cheap too! Totally worths every penny ( in this case then, every cent ) 

my favourite, the superbly dangerously delicious Takoyaki!

This is the set menu I chose.

Dessert. Yummy~

Udon noodles. No words could describe how marvelously yummy this one is!
I so love it! could die happy eating this :')

too bad I still don't know how on Earth to use chopsticks HAHA


  1. aku suka makan udon kat sushi king. try lah !

  2. okayh will do! tapi kat Shah Alam ni xda sushi king rasanya ;(