Saturday, January 21, 2012

Domino's S9

Finally home! OK last Thursday, I walked to Seksyen 9 with my housemates just to have our dinner there before leaving Shah Alam for CNY break the next day. Confused on what to have, I decided to go for Domino's only since I got this offer from them : Buy 1 Xtra Large free Regular pizza, so why not? 

Uh oh, then the bills came out at a stagnant 70 ++ MYR for just 3 of us! Wow this must had been my most expensive treat ever in Dominos ( remember the time where I can get LARGE Domino's Pizza at only MYR 20 only? That was back in Saser duhhh..) Did I ever tell that I even ate the whole large pizza by myself? What an indulge I had back when I was in Form 5. 

So question is, why so pricey even with the promotion mentioned? Huh thank goodness my friend checked the bill ( where the employee wrongfully keyed-in the regular pizza which supposed to be FOC! WTH ! ) boy, it was sure a dumb luck that the employees were not the hot-headed ones. In the end we finally managed to get back our money hehe, hence still reasonably-priced Dominos then! Only that the unavailability of my favourite Classified Chicken pizza did annoy me though, how come ma? Food for thoughts.

Stacks of pizzas.

Extremely delicious Banana Kaya for dessert.Anyone is in for this?
My friends said its just so-so!

BBQ Chicken instead of Classified Chicken.

our large pizza, my other favourite of classic Pepperoni


  1. fuuuhh..... i wanna eat pizza -_-

  2. delicious nyer...nanti kite g makan pizza hut plak yer...

  3. kaw nie, taste kaw same ngn akuu. btw, i love banana kaya

  4. K. Jaa : menggoda kaann piza2 nye hehe
    Unknow : Of kos! Amek stuffed crust okayh,
    Atul : HAHA yeke? sepp!