Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Homemade Sushi & Meatball Carbonara

As I'm having a splendid holiday at home, thanks to the CNY break, it truly gives me a great chance to cook my favourite food! Well, not that the outcome will surely be good, but at least its edible. Plus my favourite food would rarely disappoint me HEHE. 

OK so what I made yesterday was some sushi for lunch, then the dangerously luscious carbonara ( with succulent Marina meatballs! ) for dinner. Bon appetit!

Sushi : I've done this before, its >HERE< anyway.

all the ingredients, should have used original mayo instead of thousand islands!
The dressing just made my sushi more sour-y :/

Kani sushi

cute little sushi hehee

Meatball carbonara, yumm!

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