Sunday, January 29, 2012

Japanese Food Day

OK actually this takes place last Tuesday. But helluva I got no mood to post about it at all! Ermm well I guess the title says it all? Since I truly need to have an escapade during this CNY break, AEON Melaka it is then. Went there with my best friend ever since I was a primary school kid, and my sis with my cousin. 

Oh I really need to watch Journey 2 : Mysterious Island! Did I ever tell you that I'm such a fantasy-obsessed person ? Unfortunately for me, only 3-D films were available for this movie -.- Daaa I should know this once I go to AEON! OK OK so this was my second time watching 3D movie in cinema. Seriously, I much much prefer to watch the conventional ones rather than the over-rated 3D movies, which do not make any much difference to me! Plus I found it so so difficult to fit that 3D spectacles ~ Oh maybe due to my over-sized glasses huh  HEHEE..Thank goodness the price aint that pricey, only RM 17 I supposed. The movie? Of course it was awesome! 

For lunch, I've already had Sushi King in my head hehehee. Been looking forward to try the Udon noodles there. So the food was okay, but I think I'd prefer Danidana Takoyaki more though, probably cuz I couldn't find myself enjoying the deep-fried veggies tempura? But the Unagi sushi was always awesome! I wish I could eat the whole unagi! nyum nyum~

California rolls that came with the set.


its always about me ;p

the rotations of seducing~ 

Udon noodles with tempura

Extremely luscious Unagi sushi, my all time favourite

Yummy Okonomiyaki~

Squid Takoyaki, at AEON food court. Damnnn I could get 4 pieces of this in
Danidana Takoyaki~

For shopping, this time it was definitely an 'accessories day' for me. Bought two glasses ( which are shockingly cheap huhu ) , a black bow tie and a knitted cap..Mostly from Denso only, which happens to hail from Japan too! * now that I already got my passport, can somebody take me there? uhuk uhuk

my current glasses ( front ) with his two new brothers hehee

OK -.-

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