Monday, January 02, 2012

Last Day of 2011

Well this post obviously supposed to be made yester-year, as its meant to be written on 31st December of 2011. But since my body was consumed with too many aches plus sleepiness on top of that, I couldn't even allocate such a miniscule moment to jot this down HAHA. Oh, today'd be my last day at home! Boy, how fast time flies? If anyone would ask me, whats the fastest thing in life, its time. And the record can never be broken. ever.

Without further ado, I wrapped up my last day of the year 2011, the very memorable year ( and the year I legally turn 18 WORLD !  *eh which rather means nothing for me actually, not by a slice of chance =.= ) , by indulging myself in the world that I love the most ; shopping and eating/dining. Well its not like a mega shopping spree + dining, but simply a decent, laid-back solitude moment. I just went to Aeon Melaka my favourite shopping spot in Melaka as you know, to get some useful stuffs before I jet my way off to Shah Alam.

OK so no need to utter much words, let the pictures and their descriptions do the job.

breakfast treat at TCB. 

Geez I so in love with this Vanilla coffee ice blend!
pure indulgence. purely 5 stars for me.

the black pepper chicken pie, the crust was rather disappointing, too  flaky.
3 stars only.

love this bag but didn't get to pet it TSK TSK.
too expensive am gonna burn a deep,huge hole  in my pocket ~

But bought this one instead at Jusco. Just coz it got 50% off HEHE

decent, light A&W double deluxe cheeseburger for dinner.

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