Friday, January 06, 2012

A Malaysian Bistro SACC Shah Alam

Today, after the friday prayer in Masjid Negeri Shah Alam, Fauzi and I went to SACC Mall to go find an IELTS exercise book as required by our new English lecturer ( gonna have IELTS Trial this semester! #pray hard ) but to no avail, our efforts were worthless as we couldn't find any. Erm, Kinokuniya perhaps? 

So for our (late) lunch, we headed to Restaurant A Malaysian Bistro near Big Apple cafe there as the foods look so tantalizing, yet I hadn't give this restaurant a shot before, so why not? Basically, this restaurant, which is under De Palma Hotel, serves Eastern Malaysian with the likes of Nasi Dagang, Nasi Kukus, Nasi Kerabu ( Wahhh all my favourites! ) , as well as some western delicacies too. I tried Nasi Dagang today. Will opt the western choice next, perhaps. So here are what we had basically.

The bistro, or maybe restaurant?

The menu.

The menu #2.

my scrumtious Nasi Dagang, RM 9.9 I think. 4/5 stars.

Famous Nasi Kerabu. RM 8.9

Our drinks.

Then before walking back to Cendana, another treats from Bapple
ahhh guilty pleasure~

*Then right after that, we walked from SACC back to our lovely Cendana. Its my first time walking from the city centre to Seksyen 6, but boy it took around 30 minutes only! 

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