Monday, January 02, 2012

MEMOIRS of 2011

Happy New Year peeps! 2011 has been such a year. With a myriad of unforgettable events and meetings, well blended with several let-downs, broken hearts, making me, me.

Ok so for #2011MEMORIES, here are some of those that I could ( or rather, should ) list off :

**SPOILER** this post would only revolve around my words and thoughts only,no usual foodie picture to seduce you. If thats the case HAHA (Boring!)


Well basically I hail and dwell in Masjid Tanah ( bet most of you guys never heard of this tinie-minie miniscule town huh? ) , Melaka-land. So thus four months has been truly a magnificent period for me, as I have always been mesmerized with the city life ( I kinda love urban living, don't you think so? ). Oh, let me get this straight first. Its not that I dwell in a rented house, gaining a part-time job whatnot in the heart of KL, family-wise, I was simply living in my aunt's ( whom I fondly called as 'Mak') home in northern KL. Much of thanks for my family for all those hospitalities, seriously, nothing could pay that off ever. 

Uh oh, the prime reason why I opted to stay in KL for awhile after finishing my violently-eerie SPM exams, was to take my driving license ;) . Err, if you ask me why I'd go to driving school as far as the one in KL, instead of the Detik Erat driving academy in my hometown, it was deliberately because I wished not to meet someone I knew from high school ever at my driving school ( psst cause my driving skills sucks! and I knew it! even beforehand I touch my hands on the steering HAHA ) Oh, actually my driving school, namely SKEM Driving School ( yeah, thats true. The name does sound funny in Malay ) is located in Gombak, Selangor. But still within proximity with KL anyway, so does that count ? HEH. The fee here was also pretty reasonable, 700 MYR only for car license. Yes, I did not take motorbike license as well, cause I sucks at it, and I dont know how to ride a motorbike! and I hate motorbikes anyway, I even regard them as pests ( like the Rempits stuff) on the road bhahaa so thats not a huge problem for me, no? Thank God I got a very excellent 'rock' teacher, Abg Azam, and a Viva for my lessons! I had only drove Kancil for the circuit tests, and boy , I quickly dislike it as its too small for me~

BTW I still met one of my SASER acquaintances here, Alif, who was taking his second circuit test on the same day of my big,terrifying day. 

OK enough crapping about my license-thingy. Get over it, people got their license everyday, its a common thing. NO. It was surely not a common thing for me, I worked my ass off, embracing through lots of nervous breakdowns, while trying my best to drive MANUAL car properly. Gosh I got so traumatized too at times. So, for me, gaining a golden P license was surely one of the best thing I ever got in my 18 years of life! And I passed my strenuous test in one-time only! Thats a miracle. Thank Allah for that.

Oh, did I just ran off out of the topic anyway? Damn indeed. 
I remember this one moment, where I shuffled to and fro KLCC and Pavilion, and its by my own foot! Its like walking 2 km ++ during that just one day haha. and my aim? a stupid one, indeed. To grab a new phone. At the end of the day, my mission came to no avail. and I just bought my HTC Wildfire in Low Yat Plaza instead, as recommended by my friends. SO ME


Phew. It was like one enormous burden was lifted off my shoulder. I finally embraced through one of the scariest moment in my life, well, joyfully. All thanks and gratitude to Allah, and all those who had helped me along the bemusing route. It definitely felt great to be in the top 343 I supposed, though my bet is that I'm the lucky 343 HEHE. And this moment also marked the first time for me to had my faces on the newspaper, albeit the tiny picture of me. I was also simultaneously proud of my batchmates in SASER, 8th batch boys aka Valedictorians. With 159 of us gaining straight A's and 16 others getting straight A+'s, it was truly one of the best day in my life yet. The day fell on 23rd of March, 2011 am I right.


All praise to Allah I finally managed to secure a PSD scholarship in my dream field, which is Pharmacy, though not direct UK as I dreamed before, but I'll still be able to go to UK and graduate there via my supposedly twinning programme, Insya Allah. Its here in Intec where I'd be able to meet an array of brilliant, great yet down-to-earth people ( though some others still annoy me as always HAHA ), which I appreciate so so much! Even all of my classmates are so nice and awesome, I'm glad that I'd be seeing this group of awesome people in the next 6 years, or throughout our career years as well! who knows? Oh, this year also marked as "the year of interviews". I had went to PSD interview, Khazanah IQ test, Felda interview, eh thats all as I was rejected for my application on Petronas and YTN bursary, while not attending Bank Negara interview( one I kinda regret. should I? ) To tell the truth, I think Felda interview was the best one I think, and I actually managed to proceed to 2nd stage, but as I have already got that dream pharmacy scholarship during that time, I turned that Biotech scholar down.

Oh back to the topic, I was glad that Intec campus is not that big, and the location is also quite convenient. Living in Shah Alam surely burned a (huge) hole in my pocket, as I've always been an avid consumer, particularly on food, and fashion! It was here in Shah Alam that I'd be able to splurge on a foodie galore~
All in all, I wish that my relationships with my Intec friends would always remain good.

#2011 MEMORIES ; Too much to say ( or to write in this case), yet too hard to be thought off.

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