Saturday, January 07, 2012

MidValley Outing

Today, I went outing with my girl friends from my class, Syafa and Aishah to MidValley. The sole reason was actually just to get a copy of IELTS workbook, which am going to sit soon, well next semester. I somewhat preferred to go to Sunway than MV as the transport to go there was pretty complicated :/ not to say, tiring.

So, basically we were just browsing through the delectable selections of mind-boggling books there in MPH bookstore. Thank goodness they got a fine copy of IELTS workbook! It costs me MYR 61.90 anyway, hope it worths it. Then for lunch, I opted to dine in at the food court. I really like the western section there, lotsa choices which all look seductive in the same time! Uh oh, today was definitely a window-shopping day for me! Bought nothing here minus the IELTS book and a file. Some pictures of the day ;

Cendol. So-so. Masjid Tanah cendol's better than this.

Salmon skillet Spaghetti. The salmon was so juicy..Yumm

Famous Amos for bring-home goodies

The only camwhore-of-the-day

The IELTS book. MYR 61.90. I think a lot of my friends bought this book too!


  1. seronok nyer jengjalan....nanti bolehlah bawak aku pekene cendol masjid tanah...

  2. HEHE bila-bila u datang Masjid Tanah yang frankly nothing much ni yer haha