Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Movie, Dining, Shopping @ Sunway Pyramid

Today is the first day for me in INTEC in this second semester. Lost 3 of my classmates due to the class-shuffling. But thank goodness my class location remains the same, still on the ground floor which I like so much! Oh, and I also lost 2 deary good lecturers ; my georgeous English lecturer, Miss Bazilah, as well as my motherly yet hilarious CTIS lecturer, Uztazah Saida. 

So today the registration was way so quick, they simply checked our ID number and name on the system, and then, DONE! off you go. As my friends and I totally got no idea on what to do after that, we just roamed around INTEC, particularly our A-Level block to check our classroom and the time table. YEAY my timetable is just as convenient as it was last year! My class would finish by 12 pm on both Monday and Tuesday. Only Wednesday would my class end at 4 pm. 

My class's timetable. 

OK back to the topic, later on I decided to just go to Sunway Pyramid as we were so free. Too bad Radin cant follow us as well since he got a meeting with his club advisor. AHEM as a Very Important Person in INTEC, no wonder la kan? 

Thank goodness there was no problem regarding my transport today. Everything seems so smooth, what a perfect day to go paint the town red. I was in the same time shocked when knowing that the costs for hopping on U62 bas to Sunway Pyramid is only 1 Ringgit! Boy, I really thought that its 3 Ringgit instead. What a very cheap transport phew.

So basically today, we went to watch The Darkest Hour, which was filmed in Moscow. Hell of the Damned, it was a totally bullshit movie! I was awfully wasting my time and my money only, and to add to my huge dismay, the ticket price was another toll that I had to bear, it costs me 14 MYR! A shy more bucks I'd be able to watch a 3-D movie in GSC. Why is that the ticket price today is so over-priced? Man, its not even weekends. I would definitely rate this movie as 1 star only, the story plot was a crap, and the casts are filled with mostly unknown, cheap actors. There's even this one Anne Hathaway-wannabe. FAIL. A total EPIC FAIL.

Right after the catastrophic moment in the cinema, as usual I went on with my shopping strike, aiming to buy a new white shirt and pairing grey skinny. After many and many rounds, I just got my stuffs in Topman ( Hell they really got a nice bargains this time! such a perfect timing for me HEHE ). So the catch-of-the-day would be : White shirt and a nice Lady Gaga Tee! Canceled buying the skinny though, no discount.

Then its FOOD time! So these are what we had in SP ;

Yummy Baskin Robbins. Cookies n Cream and Vanilla Choc Caramel.
MYR 10.

time to retreat. Ahhh sinful treat.

camwhoring for the nth time near the entrance of Sunway Lagoon.
( Masuk tak pernah-pernah juga. Haish )

friends' Teriyaki Burger in Carl's Jr.

My mushroom portobello burger.

another nth time of me camwhoring in this Arabic-themed  section.

Poji and Noel buying Auntie Annes pretzel perfect!

My little darlings, from Cinnabon.


  1. belanjee aku cinnabon wehhhh !!!!

  2. hehe okay ajer, bila nak outing lagi ni?? aha

  3. emm tgu ak free laa. sunwayyy jom !

  4. hehe ok ajer, if no aral melintang gitu..roger2 me okay!

  5. hmm, tp aku nk pegi sunway lagoon jugakkk. ble ehh kte nk arrange? haihh, byk betol tmpt aku nk g wehhh. hahaa

  6. wehh, aku dah rajen updatee. rajen2 la follow. haha

  7. hahah DAMN true! aku pun nak pergi S'way Lagoon gak. Tak pernah2 nak dapat pergi :3