Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Pak Li Kopitiam @ Seksyen 18 Revisited

Yesterday was truly an extremely tiring day! Went to Intec in the morning, all dressed up with shirts, tie, jeans ( even a black vest)- in accordance to 'Smart Monday' day. Supposedly, I'd be going back to lovely Cendana right in the afternoon after my Statistics lesson but then got a Res-Q meeting from 4 pm till 5 something. Oh boy, so few of us attended this annual meeting!

OK since FA was fasting, we decided to eat at Seksyen 18 only, as it'd be convenient by taking the Cemara bus right. Bunch of thanks to K. Ummi Fasihah, Res-q club secretary who'd joined our dinner! She's definitely an awesome senior, glad to know her. Oh, before that we made a round in the pasar malam there, just to survey for any good food to be bought in the next semester, thanks K.Ummi for all those food recommendation! As usual,  some food porns ;D

Hainanese Chicken Chop. K.Ummi couldn't even finish half of this,
albeit she was fasting!

me in Monday attire.

K.Ummi Fasihah, Manipal-bound senior.

my lovely Cendol! w/o the Gula

Black Pepper chop with rice. Can't remember the price though.

Superbly Cendol~ with Gula on top of it.

Chicken Chop also. Mine. 5/10 only, too much fats.

Overall, the food ( Western choices this time ) was just so-so I think. Only my drinks, ( well my cendol ) worths the penny, as well as the quality moment of spending time with my friend and K.Ummi there. It worth's more than the food itself. It was priceless. 

After dining in and performing our prayer in that Ole-Ole complex, suddenly I felt like singing. AHA so not to waste a chance ( you don't know how hard it is to find a K-box here in Shah Alam HEHE ) I opted to spent 5 Ringgits just to unveil my passion HAHA ( though I'm definitely a horrible singer ;P ) Plus its just me and my friend there, so less shyness here huhu. Thank God they got quite a nice selections of ENGLISH songs ( mind you, I so hate Malay songs. I even felt like scolding the customers next to my room who were singing to Anuar Zain's songs, Eurgh! ) But dear-o-dear, 5 is definitely a limited choice of songs! I found it rather hard to pick which songs should I sing to, end up I chose Evanescence, Paramore, Glambert, RiRi and MCR songs only -.- 

Singing ( awfully ) in the dark hehe

Guess at what time did we reach Cendana? Its 10 pm something biatch! Goodamn exhausted, what a day, and I was still wearing my slightly-formal attire! 


  1. hehehhe, aku ade tegor ko malam nie...

  2. HAAA tu lah, I thought so! tapi tak nampak lah kamu -,-

  3. dekat dengan rumah kawan aku ! haha

  4. Really? Then very near lah jugakk tu dengan Kolej Cemara which I'll be staying July ni hoyeahh

  5. ye lahhh. ofcoz la dekat sbb mummy kwn aku tuh lectrer intec. yg aku cite dlu