Friday, January 13, 2012

Papa John's Pizza 1st Attempt.

Well last Thursday, I went to Papa John's Pizza for my first time ever..Just to give this one a shot, albeit I've heard people saying that Dominos still better than this. We took the Set A meal for 2 pax for 29.90 MYR ( 35++ in the end with taxes blurghh) and one pasta for sidemeal. In the end still cant finish everything haish. 

OK without ranting too much,  here are some pictures of the food we had there. Oh, did i tell you that this time marked my first time ever to go to Plaza Shah Alam in Seksyen 9 simply via walking from my lovely Kolej Cendana in Seksyen 6? Boy, its not that far. Took around 30 minutes only I think.

opted for this apple juice than the carbonated drinks. Healthier choice,no?

the breadsticks tasted bland if you eat it plain,
but tasted amazing when you dip it with the  in-house garlic sauce~

Potato wedges as sides. Tasted normal. too normal maybe.

our promotional Hawaiian Papa with xtra toppings.
Nothing to shout about, really. Dominos or PH's stuffed crust still way ahead.

Papa's special baked pasta. Erm so-so. Wrong selection for us, perhaps?

ahh cannot resist the temptations of buying my favourite octopus Takoyaki !
as fabulous as always!

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