Monday, January 02, 2012

Restaurant Zam Zam Seksyen 9 Shah Alam. AGAIN.

#np CIWWAF- Harbor. Am breathing in Cendana right now. My first night in lovely Cendana for the year 2012. OK let me be straight forward now. Right after I finished unpacking my stuffs in my room ( Oh how Thank Allah such that my room remained the same! no need to change to other room, and mingle with other strangers perhaps, which I'd rather hate )  I requested my Mom to go having our lunch at my favourite arabic restaurant in Shah Alam, which is obviously Zam Zam in Seksyen 9. Plus my mother also kinda like arabic food too hehe

So here are what I had, it was surely a very nice ( and not to say, pricey!) indulgence. But the food truly worths it all :)

The Arabic coffee.  MYR 5. surely doesn't suit my palate!
the taste is rather peculiar, bitter with a hint of mint maybe.

fresh orange juice. for burning all the fats. HEHE
MYR 10 ( I think? )

Chicken Mandy. Will opt for this in next visit.
MYR 19.

Lamb Kabsa. MYR 15
Lamb was so tender.

My lamb mandy. MYR 20.
I really love the tomato paste-like!

iced apple Barbican. MYR 5.

smokin hot Mixed Grill. MYR 35
Damn I love that lamb kebab the  most!

the soft naan breads that accompany those Mixed Grills.

I've always love their interior design!

Zam Zam in Oasis 9 complex.

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