Sunday, January 08, 2012

Vegetarian Sunday.

Its been quite a long time since I had any Vegetarian Day, ( well thats what I call for so-called flexitarian like me ), blame all those meaty temptations haih. 

But today, thank goodness I managed to grab a chance in this dull weekend to have a Vegetarian Sunday, phew! Nevertheless, today was no lavish vegetarian meal for me :( didn't go anywhere. Boring Sunday. Ahhh how I wish I have my own automatic-transmission car! Black Viva would do huhu. 

Supposedly I should be having a quick meal of Nestle Fitnesse & Fruits cereal with Dutch Lady milk for dinner but too bad, the cereals were all messed up, it was attacked by a colony of tiny ants! Rest in Hell you little red devils ants! urghhh there goes my money, wasted~ So, in the end, I had the same meals I had for my breakfast-cum-lunch, breads with peanut butter and ultra wonderful strawberry jam, so heavenly! This St. Dalfour strawberry jam, made of natural strawberry and fore-mostly, unsweetened, is officially my drug for now.

my lunch + dinner.
you may think it as lame, but dangerously delicious for me.

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