Sunday, January 22, 2012

Voucher Mission

Yesterday I went to Aeon Melaka with my family to go look for some useful books to be bought using my RM 200 voucher, so Poplular it is. Ahhh it was such a bad day, a bad parking day for me. There was huge amount of crowds there, and cars just kept going in all the while the parking bays were all seem to be full! This is definitely something I hate the most while going to malls, that's why my utmost important rule of going shopping : always go to the mall in the morning! NEVER ever ever go there during afternoon, in the evening, all those busy times! Once you hit 12 pm, you shall never dare to go to shopping malls unless you are really lucky! Oh thank God it's my dad who's driving. Uh oh I should also write about my extremely eerie experience earlier before, where I was the one driving and parking the car, but nah I just want to forget this one silly thing. Too traumatised over itt huuuu. So lessons learnt :

  1. NEVER ever go to malls in peak hours
  2. ALWAYS park your car as far as possible from busy streets, busy places etc. Just walk! Plus, its a  healthier way, too. Gotta burn all those calories babe.
OK unfortunate event kept on happening yesterday. There it was again, too too tooooo many people thronging the ONLY Popular bookstore in that Aeon Bandaraya Melaka. Damn! I've always hated over-crowded bookstores, its okay if its fashion outlets but not for bookstore. What a failed mission on a failed day. In the end, its only my sis who used the RM 50 voucher, getting her hands on two copies of English novels, A Girl In The Mirror and Eat,Pray,Love. Good for her English, I supposed. I myself just got myself a new watch ( which was heavily discounted I can never let go! ) and did some window shopping only ( I just wisely think that it's a smarter option for me to spend my money on shopping spree in Sunway Pyramid, or Mid whatnot HEHE ) plus I really got no mood to paint the town red yesterday HUH. Desperately wanting a red jumper which I still fail to find =.=

OK some food porns though we didn't actually dined in there, had my lunch in Sri Percik ( gonna write about that later ).

finally my craving for cheese tart had ended~
Tasted guiltily good too!

the unforgettable almond caramel pretzel of Auntie Anne's

my addiction, Unagi.

Sushi from Jusco sushi counter.

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