Thursday, February 23, 2012

Anon's Post Birthday Celeb

Another delayed post HEHEEE.. blame the hectic student life LOL ( basically its just me who got no mood to  write lately -,- ) This actually took place last Monday,  as planned. Having a blast celebrating Shahnon's post birthday~~ Happy turning 19 anyway!! No more sweet 17 huhu.. so the venue, obviously SR in S9, where else to go to get great cakes? 

Nevertheless, I was not satisfied with my food + the service! the employees are sooooooo trainee this time around. Harapkan muka + physiques je but the service was pretty much a badass LOL. Undeniably, they must be post-SPM students I guess. No wonder the service was crap. I for one, ordered Thai Style Fried Rice but ended up getting Chicken satay fried rice instead! HUH ..

Skip the food part, but of course the cakes ( my cake especially! ) still faboulous as ever, we had good moments at least. And shopped some stuffs in Giant too. Boy how I thought the new so-called 'freshly baked for bread lovers' Passione Italiana did not taste as good as how I'd expected it to be. The wholewheat one is way better than this. Enough said. Food porns :)

the post-birthday boy HEHEE

me and Anon..

Radin's iced latte

banana chocolate cake.

classic cheese. YUMSS

eeniee minie espresso machiato!

Yogurt cheese DAMN DELICIOUS

my chocolate lava.. the hot melting chocolate filling was so seductive...

my vanilla milkshake

pure indulgence!

Satay fried rice..much more prefer the Thai style one..

best meal of the night : Tom Yum Kung

Spaghetti Bolognaise

Japanese Soba.