Sunday, February 05, 2012

Arabic Food at Zam Zam

Dear proscatination has really made me delayed to post about this entry, which basically happened last week! Ohh my.. To cut short, well last Sunday I went back to lovely cendana by car ( Hooray! ) which is so rare for me anyway, since my Mom would like to treat my sis with the same Arabic food we ate before this ( she wasn't there last time ) . OK no need much ramblings, here are some porns.

Lamb Kabsa.

Lamb Mandy.

My chicken Mandy, extremely yummy and worthy! The chicken portion was sooo big,
and so tender too.

Chicken pasta @ RM 16. Shoulda try the famous Beschamel  of same price next time.

Arabic cocktail, bananas dominated this drink.
We thougt it was some sort of fruits cocktail!

my regular Barbican, this one I opted for strawberry flavour.

Lamb briyani. Ermmm yummy too, I like the rice hohoho

My verdict : The food was still superb as usual, however the service was rather fucked up. My father's drink came sooo late though he ordered the same drink ( Arabic cocktail ) with my sis who got it quick. :/


  1. sedapnyer...really tak penah try makan sini...hopefullylah one day and that day will come ASAP...

  2. sama lah kita shahnon...

  3. JOM t kalau nak aku boleh bawak korang sekali, kita jalan2 k ke S9 hehheheeeee