Friday, February 10, 2012

Friday Failure

Greetings all. ( though I know the word 'all' would only apply to miniscule people only kui3 ) OK I really thought that I could make today as a no-meat day again, yet I was so wrong! Coincidentally there's a pasar malam, aka night market today at Seksyen 6, so of course I'm going LOL. Nevertheless, lunch was still a vegetarian tough, oh how I wish I could have this kind of meal everyday!

Friday Vegetarian luch @ ALM cafe as usual.
Boy this meal's only RM 2!!

but then again, the dinner messed up my plan huhu. So here are the one that made my plan got away, Nasi Lemak Ayam Berempah with sambal sotong. I guess the stall that sold this Nasi Lemak is just a new one here. The name of the stall is Sijangkang FC, very good one! SO extremely dangerously fatteningly delicious!

not a very good presentation though,
but frankly this one is like one of the best nasi lemak ever! RM 6. Worth each cents HUH

Oh yes, today there was a talk, or let's say, a forum on LGBT rights in my college. Erk, I think at the end of the day, it was the panels ( particularly the ehem ehem ) who got herself quite embarassed, well I guess. It'd better though if there were other panels from other religions as well. If this one wasn't complusory ( even if it is! ) I wouldn't bother going at all LOL.

OK skip this cliche part. Now lemme introduce you ( or maybe I shouldn't be at all! as you = him LOL ) famous artist in INTEC, the new president for one of the highest profile club in my college, Shahnon aka Unknown aka Anon ~ woot woot 

me and Shahnon camwhoring together

artist in action huwhuw


  1. oh tidak...nie semua post melampau...nway thanks and gambar last tue nampak perut buncit....keh3x

  2. HEHEHEEEE itulah kena post better pas ni ahaks