Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Greetings Singapore! A Very Short Trip~

Greetings all. Since I've already made my passport last week, so it is now time to fully utilize it lol. Where else to go? Singapore would do, as it's the nearest to home HEHEE. Truth is, I've never ever been to Singapore despite the journey to go there is much shorter than to go to the East Coast from my home! lol. Blame the tedious immigration, passport thingy. not to mention, the traffic jams we had to conquer en route to the island ( plus the money conversion too lol ). Oh, this was my 2nd time only to be ever getting out of dear Malaysia ( the 1st time was in 2005, when I performed my Hajj in Holy City Mecca, can you believe that? LOL )

OK since I initially didn't even expect of going there too soon ( I was following my uncle's family anyway ) so I really didn't bother of not being able to visit the so-many-you-name-it interesting places there in Singapore. Alas,  we were like more of in a family trip, you know, in a traditional way :) This very short family trip couldn't be more traditional than visiting the relatives' homes ( oh these Singaporean people are just my far relatives btw, don't get confused! I got soooooo many relatives HEHEHEE, from Malaysia to London lol ) Nevertheless, all these Singaporeans that I truly rarely met are so goody friendly! Thank God for that. 

OK though I didn't get to go to the attractions there as planned ( blame the jealousy of time please.. ), this first trip to Singapore was in deed more of getting to know Singapore, with their 'unique' ( systematic? ) traffic system as well as its public transports and how to go there properly ( using car or bus ). You know Singapore is a FINE city, so don't play-play lol. In Malay, its like Salam Perkenalan gitu huhu. Never mind, there's always next time isn't it? Unless of course if you're dead huhu

Some of the very few pictures I managed to grab ( more to be coming in my future trips ! I.Allah ) :

Just posted this Nasi Lemak Chicken Rendang pic for breakfast  that I had near Ayer Keroh toll  cuz I think it was smashingly delicious!

entering the heart of South East Asia : Singapore.

food served in Singapore. Notice thus agars in the front one?
They're actually like Dadih, only that they didn't cook this agar together with the evaporated milk, but instead  they serve them separately. I found them to be nice !

Heading here for dinner. Time was truly our foe!

Candid pose

the very very delicious food I had for dinner ( omelette + beef black paper + Tomyam + Kangkung + special beancurds ( the best! ) + Siakap sweet sour ) in Muhammad Yassin K. Kampung Seafood restaurant in Woodlands I think? This place is extremely near to the immigration checkpoint.
The food was sooooo good, much thanks to thus Singaporeans!

All in all, this virgin voyage to Singapore has been very brief yet eye-opening. Much thanks to my uncles family and their relatives there. Well, at least if somebody ever asks me whether I've been to Singapore or not, then I shall say yes LOL.

Next : JPO!


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