Monday, February 13, 2012

Johore Premium Outlet

Long overdue post! blame the hectic life here in Intec * sarcasm * OK so I actually went to Johor Premium Outlet ( JPO ) fortnight ago ( finally~ yeay! ) on the way back to Melaka from Singapore. Nevertheless though, didn't get to explore the whole place, was quite in a rush sobs..So all in all, I only bought myself a collar T-shirt from Padini and an electric blue over-size ( XS size tho thehee ) plain Tee from Cotton On. 

Total damage to my wallet? less than 50 MYR I guess hohohoo... well thats all I could be able to buy, since other *extremely* high-ends outlets, with the likes of Coach, Burberry, Zegna, Salvatore Ferragamo ( Oh geezz you name it! ) are all way up my standard tsk tsk. Given the 30% or even half-priced, all those luxuries would still be expensive, paling murah pun 1K which memang tak mampu lah kan hehee. 10 or 12 years ( 20 seems too scarily old! ) later perhaps shall I be able to drop by all those designer shops and got myself a precious one LOL. Hermph I do wish this JPO had at least either Topman or Zara outlet there, but none is there huhu. Thank God they do have Padini which is of course my other favourite brands HEHE. Go local products! LOL. 

So my verdict : it will be worth going given you have tonnes and tonnes of money in your wallet, or you can bear the HUGE sums charged on your credit card perhaps. It will also be suitable for all those fashionistas up there, you might find this place suits you. 

Students like me, ermm, tunggu bila kerja je la keke. Or will anyone give me a new Burberry bag for my upcoming birthday gift? ahaks you wish Yap! But I really love their architectural designs plus the new shopping concept environment though, it feels like as if you are shopping in overseas country ( minus the crowds and the scorching hot temperature la )  LOL.

JPO view from a far.

modest dressing only though huhu

Lavish Burberry. Oh, this outlet really keeps their brand's exclusiveness to the max ok! they'd only allow a few visitors only to patronize this outlet at a certain time, others will have to queue up outside.

Michael Kors, of Project Runway judges.

Exclusively exquisite Coach. One day, Oh One day

Snacks time. spotted this shop as it resembled Shimino, the one I'm craved for!

Turned out : Nay! the strawberries was soo tiny and soo sour, chocolate tasted cheap. ( for something RM 7++ )
not cool.

authentic Mee Bandung Muar in Muar hehee. Never fails me.

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