Monday, February 27, 2012

KLCC Kinokuniya's Tale

OK so last Saturday, me Fauzi & Noel went to KLCC and Pavillion as well. Oh, one word : failed mission. believe it or not, I didn't bring anything back to cendana! Bought nothing minus the food LOL. Supposedly I had aimed to spent my still-remaining RM 150 vouchers in Kinokuniya bookstore.

Unfortunately , blame the tedious so-called exclusivity Kinokuniya, we could only redeem our vouchers should we bring along our student ID! What the Hell? Urgghh there gone my two, or three hours roaming around that bookstore, wasted. Didn't really bother about the tiredness though, at the very least I could burn up my calories HEHEHEE. 

Shoulda bring that student ID card at first place. I don't know, somehow I did have the thought of bringing that along ( thanks to my unique necklace holding the card LOL ) but what Devil on Earth did hinder me to do so :/ 

Ok then, for lunch we headed to Pavillion next, since I've been wanting the so-called delicious Theobroma Chocolate Lounge over there. *another quite a disappointment here* Taste wise, it was over-rated. I think they don't even have a proper barista, needless to say, excellent cook. My pasta tasted bland, its like my own version would have tasted better. Not something to be expected at all when you had to pay RM 23++ for plate of that shit. Only Fauzi's lasagna tasted decent & acceptable. Fortunately enough, my drinks tasted OK ( though I think I could get superb-er frappe in Starbucks or Coffee Bean with the same price tag! ) Blame this inflation. EHHH I should have my own entry about this cafe already! LOL

Oh yes, I still can't resist the temptation from Auntie Anne's pretzel! The smell, oh my! could already make me salivate :3 

welcome to myself ;p

snow white Frappe

my Fair Lady frappe.

At Tokyo street, Pavillion.

Shimino! finally~

collage of me

guess where is this

tiredness won't stop me LOL

KL sentral LRT. Noticed all those sarong clad crowd?

Oh before we head back to Shah Alam, I guess we were lucky enough to suddenly meet this bunch of sporting guys, who wore Sarong while boarding the trains. What made it more interesting was that, they also played some 'kompang' with loud musics, oh it really drawed all the tourists around. Well actually, I've already known about this event earlier, last Thursday by which I read an article on this event in The Star, but never imagined that I would bump into them though! LOL

Plus, we didn't even use the KTM this time, and boy, it was truly way better! We took the U80 RapidKL instead. Not that its cheaper, but also more convenient, as we only need to take the usual T602 bus later on. Not to forget, we could also get our seats with ease~ such a convenient after a tiring day of window shopping hehee.. Reached Cendana by 7pm

P/S : Leopard print shirt is totally a must buy!

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