Friday, February 17, 2012

MidValley Shopping

So last Saturday was definitely a 'burning a deep, huge, massive hole in your pocket' day for me. At first, i thought I'd be wandering around the Mid Valley City ( MV Mall + The Gardens as of my plan hehee for some shopping spree ) as a solitude 'mall ranger' but then I managed to meet my old friend from SGB who's now in MSU ( going to pursue her degree in Meds this Sept in INDIA hohoo ), celebrating her birthday? as her birthday fell on that day too hehee..

Anyway, I hoped you did enjoy your day, Tajul. Pity you I can't at least treat you something, blame my greediness in shopping urghhhh. Oh my prime mission was actually to do some SO CALLED ( I repeat, so called ) bargain hunting in Topman MV as they got a pre-renovation sale over there. Duhhhh to my disappointment, most of the items on sale were the ones that barely fit me ( chinos of size 34, anyone? ) I want my size! I WANT 28. Boy adverts could be so deceiving, aint them? 

Hrmph so to not wasting my time as I was already there, I simply got myself a new pair of not-so-skinny burgundy chino with only 10% off -.- ( thanks to my membership card ) plus a brown belt ( with 50% off yeay ), both I've been eyeing for soooo long. So I guess not buying would definitely throw me into a deep, deep remorse then eh? LOL. Unfortunately for me though, the chino was only available in size 30 as the smallest one. DAMN. beli je lah alang-alang dah try.That's kinda my bad principle though. Not buying is much more painful than the deep hole created on my pocket LOL. I know I aint damn rich to keep on buying everything I want, but whatever. There's always room for shopping muehehee.

Same thing went to Zara huhu. Just cant keep my eyes off on their jumper! I really need a red jumper for so long, God knows, too bad there were only pink and electric blue that caught my eyes though, NO RED whatsoeva! hrmph the end, I took the blue one hehee..duhhh there goes my money, mostly my allowances I supposed huhu.. ( gotta keep myself restrained STRICTLY from all the foodies temptations in SA later on la, but can I do this ? ) whatever it is, it's okay as long as I'm happy with my true self ( broke ? LOL ) 

OK skip all this narcissism part, the other event that day was to celebrate Tajul's birthday tooo. A HUGE HUGE thanks ( hugs ) to Tajul's deary friends, Wan Irdhina ( an ex-Samura too ) & Huda, both are reading their foundation in Meds in MSU Shah Alam now. Thanks! The cakes were goodily lovely! both are my fav after all LOL. 

dangerous Chocolate Indulgence. 

yogurt cheese. Classic meets fusion. *heaven*

fav double prosperity burger. Yummy om nom nomm

the birthday gal

L : Ikhwan , R : Wan Irdhina.
both are ex-Samura.

Tajul & Ikhwan.

bright pinkish red jumper. Nice!

but I always preferred electric blue LOL.

burgundy skinny chino. Why on earth they don't have size 28?
damn Topman MV you better stock up next time! 

this is size 28. the style and the colour arent as nice however.

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