Monday, February 27, 2012

Theobroma Chocolate Lounge @ Pavillion KL

After a disappointing failed mission in Kinokuniya, we went to Pavillion for luch. Treated myself with the irresistible Auntie Anne's caramel almond pretzel before. Headed to this restaurant, Theobroma Chocolate Lounge which originated from Australia if I'm not mistaked.

My verdict : the drinks was awesome ( at least it applies to my drinks, Fair Lady Frappe ) though prices had hiked too much. Last time I checked at other blogs, the prices were still below RM 15 but now the frappe each cost Rm 16.90~ Well, ,maybe I could get something even more delicious ( and bigger! ) in Starbucks, CB etc ?  Too bad I think Fauzi's Iceberg Lady ( which is basically an iced chocolate drink ) has nothing to shout about. 

Erm, for the main meals, they do not have a wide selection over here. I tried their Seafood Marinara Pasta, which I later felt remorsed for. It doesn't taste good! but rather, bland. For something priced at Rm 23.90 this truly didn't worth the money. Only the beef Lasagna tasted good. Even the olio olio pasta didn't taste so good I think. So forgettable. I guess I could have made a better version myself LOL. But please, I truly love spaghetti bolognaise. too bad they don't have it on the menu, why on Earth?? 

Overall, maybe they didn't specialise in the main menu at the first place, that explained why my food didn't taste good. But I didn't see much people patronizing this cafe during that day. Maybe they only offer great desserts like the crepes, cakes etc. *optimistic me here* hehehehee.. Plus the prices are quite over the top for me, maybe I should have just  tried other F&B outlets, say, Chillis perhaps, with their menu of equal price range f'kos. Just tried this for the sake of trying.

Oh, I didn't notice that Sunway Pyramid also got this outlet too? 

Theobroma Pavillion. Image from Google Image.
Noel's Snow white frappe. White chocolate ice blended.
RM 16.90

my Fair Lady Frappe. Milky chocolate ice blended. RM 16.90.
Thank God it tasted good!

Iceberg Lady. Nay.
RM 12.90

beef lasagna. RM 20.90?

my Marinara Pasta. Nay nay!
RM 23.90

Olio-Olio. Also Rm 23.90

some of the menu.

the chocolates counter. 

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