Monday, March 05, 2012

Cendol and Rojak near LRT Taman Bahagia, Petaling Jaya.

OK so last Sunday, while I went to PJ to do the charitable work, I spotted a cendol stall here, ermm its just around the neighbourhood area in SS2. As long as you saw the LRT Taman Bahagia, fat chance you might as well come across this cendol as well, which operates from a mobile van. Actually, I heard of ( or maybe saw? ) this cendol stall on Vkeong's food blog, it was price fairly cheap at around RM 1.30 a bowl only in 2009. Heck yeah, blame the evil inflation as you might, the price had hiked a bit, but not too much. Thank God. So a bowl of 'cendol biasa' costs us RM 1.50, while the 'tapau' one would cost you RM 2.00.

My verdict : there's nothing much to shout about this usual cendol & rojak stall. The cendol tasted so-so  ( an honest confession of a cendol lover LOL ) while the rojak was the disgust of the day, ate small bites of them only, then let Shahnon to finish it off MUEEHEHEE.. erm so normal taste la, my kampung version of 'Rojak Gulik' tasted miles better, as it's spicier and more fulfilling, suitable for my palate perhaps. And oh, for great rojak, just go to Alor Gajah Kueh Udang ( ehhh is this one still could be considered as 'rojak'? LOL whatever then. ) The notoriously delicious kuih udang in my hometown is definitely way better. Thank Goodness!

Some food porns ;D

the cendol stall. it's just beside the playground in that neighborhood area.

the menu with their prices.

Rojak biasa, so tasted 'biasa-biasa' juga lah.

my cendol pulut. OK and passable, yet so forgettable :)

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