Friday, March 23, 2012

Fabulous Melaka

Okay last week I had a blast at home! a week of holidays bebeh! but it was truly not enough LOL..need more holidays please? HUH what a revenge on food I guess that I had in glad I managed to fullfill ( almost ) all my cravings already ; best satay, best kueh udang, cendol n plus plus plus..

Gawdd lotsa calories aite =.+ Well, I guess its still okay since my BMI is underweight already now~ LOL..
Here are some pictures I took, please drool!  ;P

extremely delicious satay in Masjid Tanah . DAMN I wish I could have this every week, if not everyday!

Best Kueh Udang I've ever tasted, Kueh Udang Alor Gajah in Medan Selera Mergong, AG.
This one had some fried quails as well, very crispy and yummmy!! The sauce are the definitely the secret ingredients.

Oh, btw, I also went to Aeon on my last day in Melaka. Nothing unusual though, but still want to post all the food pictures :)

Jcool Frozen Yogurt @ JCO. OHH my so damn yummilicious, next time I'd take the sharing alone
( just like Atul did hehee )

craving for the udon here, not so bad.. but the Okonomiyaki was bit cold -.-

free JCO glazed donut..

can't remember the name, Jchocinno perhaps? Taste wise, very nice indeed! I think its pretty much like the ones in Starbucks/TCB . RM 10

suddenly my eyes got caught on the arrays of these junk, processed, heavily loaded with oils snacks. DAMN I was cheated, didn't taste good at all! all tasted crap + cold T.T
I should have followed my instinct of buying Auntie Anne's instead!

sushi time..unagi is definitely my drugs ;)


  1. damn ! kueh udang alor gajah ! da lame aku x makannnnnnnnn weyh ! anddddd j-cool ! arghhhhh !

  2. hehehehheehheee drools je lah ya LOL..sedap kan kueh udang AG tu

  3. k fineeeeeeee ! nnt mk aku dtg sini, aku nk suroh dy singgah AG ! hahaha.

  4. hahaha wajib lah kan, jangan lupa amek puyuh goreng sekali dalam tu, extra yummmy!