Thursday, March 15, 2012

Ice Skating in Sunway

Alright another long-delayed entry. Dear spirit of writing, just where did you go? Skip it, haih. Let's just make it short this time. So the story is, last last week ( o'yeah, on 6 March to be exact, just before my old day LOL ) my classmates and I went to Sunway Pyramid for some ice skating. It was a first time experience I think for most of us ( minus the pro Fatin, You Qian, erm who else? ) Gosh I never expected that I would have a heart to even try this thing one day tho! Thanks to Azir for the gloves, I only had to pay 15 ringgit for that ice skating moment yeayyyyy~ not too expensive aite. Without gloves, you people will have to pay RM 8 just for that so-not-fashionable gloves, and some more bucks in case you forgot to wear any socks, too. So, never forget to bring these two keys whenever you go here ok. (like anyone would even read LOL )  

This outing was purely on ice skating, with some foodies of course luls. My first experience, I would say, not too shabby perhaps eh? IDK! but basically I think I fell for about 3 times, but boy, what a hard fall I had! I thought I almost broke my knee hokayh, no joke! The pain, oh my, it felt like falling ( well obviously -,- ) but not like the normal ones you'd normally encounter. The icy floor will just make it even worser =.=

Yeah of course I had a blast, no doubt no doubt... but end up I am still not a pro laaaa, still could only 'walk' around that ice rink lol. Thank goodness I didn't tear any of my clothes hehee..Next time is definitely a must!

So some pictures of the day;

the notorious ice rink, the arena where most of the 1st timers would fall

but before that...we had a light moment at Auntie Annes first.
Of course, the pretzels are irresistible! 

you-know-its-my-all-time-fav Caramel Almond. YUMMMM

Radin's cinnamon sticks

another fantabulous one we had!

yeah, do welcome yourself k.

posing moment first :)

OK I dunno about the cheaper deal if we buy the tickets online :/
( things I've never done actually LOL )

post this on lookbook. hrmph I need a dslr maybe.

went to Chatime too. heres the menu.

Poji's brown rice milk tea with pearls, way better than mine :3

my wintermelon tea, such a disgrace such a very wrong choice.
Boy I thought this recommended tea is a milk tea! -.-

had Tuna Subway only for early dinner. Ermm not bad at all!

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