Sunday, March 18, 2012

John Carter of Barsoom

Greetings all. OK last Monday, me and my SGB + SASER mate, non other than Zarif went to Dataran Pahlawan to go watch John Carter, not in 3D as my glasses really don't suit with the 3D glasses given LOL ( Sorry yea Zarif >< ) so the normal classic movie it is. Monday ticket was RM 12 each. 

My overall verdict ; the movie is quite nice actually, I like how the director used a frame-story plot this time around! It was surely interesting! and plus, the CGI was also not too shabby, ahh of course Hollywood movies wouldn't disappoint me in this certain part hehe.. I personally like the costumes in this movie, being a fashion-eye ( eh so-called! ) I definitely fancy the Victorian-like style on the initial part of the film, in NY I think. Ohh I've always loved classic English style, ever! So, my rate of this movie would be 3 and a half star over 5 :)

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Bapple for breakfast ;D ( Zarif's)

my seducing choc cheese berry ermm yuumm!
but personally cannot beat my all time fav classic cheese & yogurt cheese la ;)

GSC popcorn. goshh the quality has definitely dropped tremendously in this times! 

Chatime ; Strawberry Pudding Au Lait, this one's an excellent choice!
The pudding particularly was so smooth and refreshing~
Only that some of the ices are quite chunky, blame the employee tho lol

Zarif's Grass Jelly Roasted Milk Tea. He said the jelly tasted weird hehe

in front DP ;D

Lunch @ KRR, usual fav vanilla muffins 

nomnomnom. There's new menu, roast lamb but I didn't try that, looks too small perhaps LOL

side ; Cheesy Chicken potato jacket, very cheesy ( and corny! ) indeed.

mine, usual pick la hehe

just before we headed back, oh gosh spotted on this famous Seoul Garden, interestingly the prices with student discount's definitely cheaper than our luch in KRR! Should have tried this instead :/

snacks before going back, my HK milk tea with pearl. YUMM but Volcano's still a better option for me.
 RM 3.10 only, such a great bargait aite ;)

ABC's flavour blog with pearl too.

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