Saturday, March 17, 2012

Kinokuniya's Redemption

My my this thing happened ages ago! nevertheless tho, will still post it hoho, and so less words, more to pictures. Lets just the pictures do the talk will ya?

Breakfast at Swiss Cafe in KL Sentral. Hampeh. So not delicious, everything tasted crap ~

but this one healed my disappointment at least, original RotiBoy ;D

camwhoring session before buying that new blue skinny chino, its size 28 bebeh! Finally.
( could not miss the chance of using my birthday's month discount HOGHO )

but oh well, this was our prime reason of going to KLCC, to redeem our vouchers here!
YEAY now its all finished :)

had our lunch in food court cuz I was so craving for the pasta here,
this is my friend's wantan noodle, not bad.

my meatball bolognaise spaghetti. Damn delicious & cheap for something in KLCC :)
around RM 9 i think? or less or so.

finally I got myself a macaroon. but boy it was another disaster! tasted crap and damn shittyy! give back my RM 3.90!
now I wonder whether does macaroon really TASTE like this? :/

Gong Cha to quench my thirst, quite a long queue here.

my Pearl Milk Tea, with reduced ice & sugar ( optional ) RM 5.90 yummmms

catch of the day 

fuckin crap caramel macaroon from HELL :(


  1. eating seem like the rior of the outing...kuih3x...mackaroon, x sedap sangat ker???

  2. YES damn true hehee..erm yang aku termakan ni memang puihhh, langsung tak sedap T,T but in other places dont know lah pulak camana the taste