Saturday, March 31, 2012

Only Mee @ SACC Mall Shah Alam

Hollaaa..OK this is also another overly-expired entry *ahem* I guess you can expect it already from me already LOL. Living a 'busy' life surely kill your blogging time aite. But I'll try my best to make sure my blog could keep on I could rambles as much as I could! HEHEHEEE...

Oh, back to the topic, so last last week, me and my usual classmates went to SACC Mall after the Maghrib prayer. Well practically the aim was to buy breads + mineral water for the participants of Res-Q Team's Induction Day, which took place the next day. So FA aided with me were assigned to prepare the food for everyone.

God how glad I was we managed to settle down everything! Well at least no problem occured, thats the most vital..Ooops gonna blog about this later k. Aha so ( back to the topic again ) for dinner, actually it was an early dinner at 6 ++, we headed to Only Mee as I've been eyeing this cafe for quite some time. The ABC + noodles there sure look tempting though! Overall, my verdict : food served was nice ( particularly mine, dry Wanton noodles me like it ) and the drinks were also as good. and oh, their Dim Sum was superb! didn't really get so many chance pf trying this menu, but it was surely a hit of the day :D

Some food porn of the day :)

Mee Rebus.

Ais Kacang.

my dry wanton noodles YUUMMMM!

shaved ice with mangoes, seriously a nice one.

the Siew Mai chicken dim sum that I fell for :DD

some of the menu.

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