Saturday, March 24, 2012

Outing to Amcorp Mall, PJ

Last Tuesday after class, thank goodness our class in Tuesday ended at 12 pm, me and my usual counterparts went to Amcorp Mall in PJ as my classmates needed to finish off their vouchers. The destination was non other than the extreemely-cheap-so-heavily-discounted bookstore , named BookXcess where you'll definitely be amazed + shocked if that's your first visit :) boyy I tell you, the books , literally all of them had huge price cut! ( I wish there is be a fashion store that will do the exact generousity like this LOL ) with discounts up to 80 % ! and, needless to say, most of the books come with at least 50 % price cut or so ;D 

Too bad for me who loves reading, nevertheless could never find a way to indulge in this fascinating past time these days T.T and so I did not buy anything here. I was simply browsing through all those nice books they offer there. But my attempt to look for The Hunger Games trilogy novels came to no avail..I guess most of the books are not the recent ones, even though they themselves aren't very outdated afterall :) 

Best selling books like Diary Of the Wimpy Kid series, Sophie Kinsella's , Nancy Drew series, Fallen family novels, Emily The Strange ( remind me of my Gothic era in lower forms in high school XD ) bla bla bla, suffice to say, so many others! All with such great bargain prices. And oh, I think all the books here are imported, since everything seems like from foreign publishers. Means, only English books are sold here :)

the bookstore.

How cheap is that! Fauzi bought this one.

Enough rambling about the bookstore already, now lets see what we had to fill our hungry belly , well nothing much surprise / unusual / exotic this time around. Safe choices :)

oopps this is my lunch in ALM cafe. loaded with veggies, very delicious ok <3

Radin seduced me into buying this chocotop =.=
the size was somehow bigger than normal here I think, but Radin's was bigger! Unfair ~

actually, there's another bargain-prices bookstore on that very same level, but I think the quality of the books here are 'eewww'. All looked like secondhand, thirdhand books.

posing with their catch-of-the-day. Only me who didn't buy any books uhhh

in Amcorp Mall. I forgot to say, Amcorp Mall's website is definitely the funniest website of all  malls! How could they be very truthful yet modest! Oh goshhh

roast chicken sandwich in Subway @ KL Sentral. Extremely loaded with vegies ( I took all! ) , bad choice :/
RM 12

Java Chip Frappucino with low fat milk, RM 14. Yummms~

Noel's pure caramel..

Poji's blueberry muffin. Nice !

Pure double chocolate, very chocolaty indeed

took this as reference next time :)

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