Sunday, March 04, 2012

PEERS Project : Lovely Disabled Home 2012

Holla! So last Sunday ( that sounds so old! ) , me with some other INTEC PEERS member led by the fabulous Rad went to Petaling Jaya, specifically to Lovely Disabled Home, which, as the name suggests, is a charity home for disable of course. It's located in SS2 if I'm not mistake, isn't it Rad and Unknown? Our joyful journey started from around 8 am, until the programme ended, erm approximately around 2 o'clock? 

OK whatever it is, we surely had a blast, like a huge blast OK. IMHO It's such a blessing for me to get the opportunity to do a lil bit of these and that, to help the disabled community, well to make it more special, the Chinese community this time around. As you guys know, the majority of PJ is Chinese, so obviously we had to move around in their community. Something rare for a lazybone like me LOL. 

me posing for  a while before kicking in the recycle programme.

And oh, basically the charity works that we did was about recycling stuffs, so that we could contribute ( albeit not so much! ) our 'sedekah' to them. See, we don't even need to pay a cent in order for us to make a donation, or sedekah. I, together with Anon and his classmate Afiq were ( fortunately or unfortunately?) assigned to arrange and organize all those recyclable stuffs according to their own categories, like glass, newspaper etc. Whoa there were definitely huge tonnes of stuffs we got during that day! surely thanks PJ-ians for all your commitment ( can't recall the place's name tho LOL ) Erm, so all in all, we managed to collect around 600 kgs of recyclable stuffs ( unfortunately still can't beat the record of a whopping 1 tonne back then
( -.- ) 

the Lovely Disabled Home in PJ, its just near the Taman Bahagia LRT station.
picture credits to Unknown's blog

me with some of the boys.

so focus arranging the papers HEHEE

Oh yeah, for my task, surely I got my hands so messy all around, even I had to place lotsa and lotsa 'hard' drinks LULS. Nevertheless, its good for my own body to move aroud on that lazy Sunday, the least I could burn all those calories from the array of foods LOL. Minus the prime aim to do something to help the disabled community to contribute back to the community. Another thing, I also learnt to organize all those recyclable things according to their category. Who knows that paper actually had 3 categories? All thanks to the volunteer from the Lovely Disabled Home, Sherry. ( or Cheryl according to Unknown. More glamorous! )

Unknown with the dragon :3

me again.

oh they gave us the Evian drinks la!

a fraction of the stuffs we got. Phuwww

For the food, breakfast and lunch were already packaged for us, prepared by the ex-cemara Cafe owner, gooossshhh I never thought that their food tasted damn delicious! and cheap! Even the mihun kosong tasted so well huhu.. Please, do come back and reopen ok, at least for next sem. Oh please....The chicken sambal was so damn goody delicious mind you.

so yummy. NOM NOM NOM

managed to try these cendol and rojak near the LRT station as well.
Saw it on Vkeong blog on the other day. Gonna post about it later.


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