Friday, March 23, 2012

Satay Kajang Hj Samuri PKNS Shah Alam Branch

Last Monday, me Anon Radin and Poji went to to PKNS Shah Alam to try the Satay Kajang Hj Samuri branch restaurant there. Hoping the satays there would taste just as nice as the ones I had in  their original restaurant in Kajang, I was deeply disappinted, I must say. Even Masjid Tanah's Satay tasted waaaaaaaaaaaaay better than the satays I had here. 

Seriously, all the satays tasted so-so, the beef satays were so tough ! my satay perut tasted so cold, as if they just took them out of the fridge and served it, just like that. Shame on you! such a disgrace~ now no wonder there were not much patrons the night we went there~ 

As for the fried rice I ordered, taste wise, not too shabby I guess. At least not as sucks as their satays. Thank goodness I only ordered 10 sticks of satay only. Oh some pictures :)

the satays I had.

with the kuah kacang + sambal.

the fried rice. The proportion is quite small eh?

to redeem my disappointment, I turned to McD to treat my craving for double cheeseburger! YUMMM
should I did not order the fried rice in the first place, I'd definitely take the MEGA MAC!

the satay menu. price wise, Masjid Tanah's satays are cheaper yet miles better :)

the first and the last time of going here, other branch IDK.
Anon said their branch in Gombak was superb ;D

ala carte options. 

this one's in Intec actually heee ;)


  1. aku perefer pegi kat kajang, yg asal nye. punye kalau yg branch punye, mmg x sedap wehh

  2. hahaha tu lahh tahu takper, but my friend said yang dekat Gombak pun OK lah jugak..but I'm happy already with my hometown's satays goodness :D

  3. yg masjid tanah punye kat mane? aku xtaw ponnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

  4. dekat2 dengan klinik kesihatan Masjid Tanah tu, you know kat mana klinik tu tak? hehehe