Sunday, March 11, 2012

Turning 19.

This event took place last Wednesday, on 7th March to be exact. It's my birthday beech! Turning 19 already, feels so old LOL. no more FAT 18. ( * ehem Unknown woulda understand, no? ) Well, I guess, truth is, not many people would have known my birthday date huhu. Obviously la kot. Since I myself had deactivated my FB. IMHO I just somehow detest all those birthday wishes over FB, especially those who'd only post "HB". Like what the hell, dude that sounds so not sincere. Well, after all I much prefer SMS. OK Over sudah my ramblings. Ermmm yeah, not many people noticed this, especially if I aint around them. People forget and go, get over it. I wonder just where the hell did this Zee go tho? Gone with the wind perhaps? ( I wonder ) 

OK stop the lame part, now comes the good, sweet things. *Goodbye ugly truths* The day didn't start so good though, me as usual kinda overslept hehee, so f'cos I came late to class too. Just to my shock, ehhhhhhh all of sudden my classmates stood up, and sang a song for me! :D Thanks a lot guys, I'm touched ok..Never in my life I got something like this LOL. No need all those expensive gifts, all you need for a happy old day is some sincere wishes aite. ( tho some foodies or presents would be a HUGE bonus LOL )

Coincidentally, my classmate Izzati also brought along two cakes to class as well that day. And oh, actually, I share my birthday with my other classmate, HCY too! It's so rare for me to spot another person having same birthday with me, really. So, I hoped you too had a blast birthday too HCY :)

HCY and Izzati, with cake she bought from Four Seasons  bakery if I aint mistaken.
Thanks for da cake ok Zati ~

sushi from HCY. ermmmm 

That evening, me, Unknown and FA went to SACC. Supposedly we were about to buy some foodies first ( as take away ) and then eat it together near the Shah Alam lake, like picnic la. Unfortunately time was truly our foe. Plus the absence of private car T,T made us to postpone this plan first. Looking forward for outdoor picnic like this ok. Unknown sabar ya? Maybe Rad's Bday shall we do so :)

So destination for us was The Teapot Deli in SACC Mall there. Actually, the location of this restaurant is quite hidden for me. Frankly, if not due to some blogs who had wrote about this cafe, I would have never even noticed it! Thank God we found it, its on 2nd floor I think.

The Teapot Deli.

Boyyyy most of the menu were already sold out the moment we went here, thank goodness the famous Roast Chicken was still available. Too bad, my scones were already finished! Same goes to almost other desserts -.-

My verdict : The food served here were all awesome! Plus, they truly worth the money spent, they didn't even charge the annoying service charges + tax here. What made them even better was that the service was excellent. Much much much better than the one in SR S9 I must say. I'd rate this restaurant as 8/10 for now :)

The recommended Roast Chicken there. The chicken was so tender, I love it even thigh is not my favourite part after all.
RM 15.

comes with steamed carrots & sauteed potatoes. I like the potatoes!

FA's country chicken pie, the pastry was so good.
RM 13/14? Errr can't remember

my beef lasagna, boyy the portion is quite big for diet-person like me LOL. Yummmm!
RM 17 if not mistaken.

19 already :)

Unknown, thank goodnes his camera was perfect! my HTC is so useless now :/

my apple juice, tasted sour cuz the apple concentrate is too thick.


they also sell cookies here. I like their design, very classic English concept tu.

other part of the cafe, nicely decorated.

took this for our dessert. The only dessert available, others sold out aldy.
Ermmm so fluffy and yummy! just too hot, IDK the price hehee

next, we went to Big Apple! gosh obviously my pick would be my all time favourite, Oreo & Cheese!

Lasagna again
would pick this on next visit. Noticed that certain menu only available on certain days.
Eg Roast beef is only available on weekends if not mistaken.

the brown sauce given was so generous! I love it~

dont do suicide k Anon LOL

another pic of my food hehhee

the yummylicious bread pudding. So craving for this now.

we enjoyed the donuts in bilik TV ja hehee

The lovely donuts my goodness my diet

All and all, extremely huge and infinite 'thank you' goes to my dear friends, FA & Anon for the ultra marvelous treat, and everyone else who'd wished me on my birthday. Looking forward for your guys bday next. Till then, thanks again! XOXO

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