Thursday, April 12, 2012

Fat Friday

Last Friday, when I was on my way back home together with my cousins, this was definitely the moment when the wild eater in me arose. AHAHAA all of sudden my appetite inflated like a balloon, wanting to eat gazillions of nice food stuffs. Gone was my diet =.=

Let's see what I just had for that particular fattening day . and let us pray that time shall let me to overcome this excessive calories though :P

it's Mega Mac for goodness sake! wondering how many calories I swallowed down with this one huge bite for lunch.

P/S : I was so so so disappointed that my grilled chicken foldover was no longer available, its sale ended the day before! GOD what a huge letdown :(

tried this an Francisco Coffee vanilla ice blend, quite awesome too!
my regret for not trying the coffee in this coffee house! LOL

its my favourite blueberry cheese tarts! heaven sekejap ;)

close-up view of the fabulous cheese tart :DD

No, it didn't just stop there. To complete my superbly unhealthy fabulous day was another McChicken burger + apple pie from McD for late dinner. Duhh this is exactly what will happen when there are lots of McD's around. 
Oh, needless to say, am still a McD's lover ( and will always be? ) no matter in what situation it is LOL

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