Thursday, April 26, 2012

Foodies Jumbled Up!

Okay basically these are for those I do not know to place in which category anyway HAHA. so please, scroll down to browse the pictures, and drool! LOL

totally miss this extremely awesome nasi ayam I had in one of my cousin's relatives house in Sg Tua.
The fried chicken was perfectly crispy! :)

My aun't version of nasi ayam, I also like this ayam madu too. YUMMY ;))

tried the 32F as well ;D

one of their masterpiece, I shall say. 

mine, a yogurt flavour one. not too bad but should have opted for the chocolatey one instead!

domino's pizza classified chicken my usual favourite comfort food 

went to Pizza Hut too last month eh? 

so tempted and dying to indulge in their lava cheese crust pizza! 

but noticed that the cheese portion had decreased hugely! I truly missed those good ol times I had back when I was a primary school kid, where Pizza Hut was on its hey day.

what else to say, Big Apple's donuts never failed to cheer me up :D

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