Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Happy Turning 16 Miss!

Last week on 29th of March ( another March babies hehe ) my dearest , awesome English lecturer this semester, Miss Hanie had just turned 16! Happy birthday queen, hope you enjoy your day :D

Oh it's too unfortunate for me not to take a lot of pictures, actually we 12 M3-ians had made a surprise birthday celebration for her during that day. Thank goodness she had her class with us that morning :) Plus, the boys in my class even made a very, very unique + hilarious + awesome movie clip you've-got-to-watch I tell you. I might as well put that video here, or sometimes soon! LOL.. Thanks also to Diba who bought that luscious chocolate fudge cake from SR :DD Phew so turned out we were all immuned for that day HEHEHEE.. 

Some pictures down the memory lane ;)

the birthday cake. May all the odds be in favour with you :)

cutting the birthday cake~

my piece of chocolate fudge cake..yuuummmms

Too little pictures on my phone! will try to get more pics from others' camera and upload it 'later'! 

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