Sunday, April 15, 2012

Kueh Udang Alor Gajah & Cendol Masjid Tanah

Greetings all. OK last two weeks, ( been going back home these 3-weeks straight! :D ) I had managed to indulge in some of my hometown delicacies, which were the Alor Gajah Kueh Udang as well as the notoriously delicious cendol! what a weekend of food galore! love it so much. This is definitely one of the reasons I love going back home, to be pampered with foods, minus to be able to meet my family, of course.

OK so let's just proceed with the pictures shall we? 

The ever famous Alor Gajah Kueh Udang, its origin is here, in Medan Selera Pasar Mergong, Alor Gajah town.
gosh looks at how long the line could have been at this moment!

please, this is too tempting.

take-away kueh udang with all the stuffs without its trademark sauce, which is pretty obviously its key weapon.
too bad they ran out of my ultra favourite fried quails tho this time :(((

next, we headed to Masjid Tanah to had some sips on these enjoyably cendol! a heavenly drinks on an assumingly scorching hot weather :)

pure indulgence, I dare to say. one of the finest in town, or lets say the best one! :D

yummmss. the sweet concoction of gula melaka combined with pure coconut milk, what a perfect drinks on a perfect weekend.

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  1. nak balik kg ! nk balik kg !!!!!!! grrrr !! hahaa