Friday, April 20, 2012

A Lucky Day in Midvalley


OK this happened quite long time ago, k it was on Wednesday last week when we all had a day off for the crow-nation of our new king! weee! off me go to Mid as there was a grand opening of Topman Mid Valley! with lots of freebies + huge bargains too! Should the shop open by 10 am in the morning, I had already expected that the lines must be hell as crazy. KLites of course must have queued for at least, since 7 am I dare to say! 

see how long the line in front of me was? this was during 8.30 am tho!
and line at the back of me was doubled, or tripled as much as this!

This is definitely my first time ever to queue myself in this massive crowd, before this I've never been this excited. seriously saying, I don't even think that I would be able to get the RM 100 free cash vouchers given to the first 100 customers, honestly! but since I was already there, why not just stay ?

YET thank goodness my gamble and waiting was proven to be fruitful! yeay to me ;D
I guess I was among the last persons to be able to get this voucher coz soon afterwards there were some customers left in agony ~

Damn happy I was to get my hands on that voucher hehehe.. its just like the RM 200 vouchers given by the government, only this time, it was for clothes! hehehe..but then again, it was quite a shame and saddening seeing some people ( including some makciks too you know! ) who, I guess, pretty much had to to leave in despair since they didn't have the F3 member card to entitle themselves to get the voucher, so even they were there since very early in the morning yet they didn't get the voucher! Sigh. but at least I got mine tho muehehe

confused to buy this chambray shirt or not ><

but end up I bought this shirt instead heee
love it.

To match with the shirt, another practical bag was also bought! easy to carry my stuffs after this. OH, and this!

I got this RM 50 vocher too! goshhh

all of a sudden, an employee there approached me, took my pic then tadaaa, gave me another voucher!
How unexpected! Guess this must be due to my long staying in the shop.
( I was there till around 12 or something! )

catch -of-the-day ;D

love love LOVE these shoes. but so sad :((

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