Monday, April 02, 2012

Res-Q Team Induction Day 2012

On 24th of March last month, there was a big event for Res-Q team, one of the clubs I joined in INTEC, minus PEERS Group. It was none other than our annual Induction Day, well, to cut short ( I really have no mood to rumble about anything this time -,- ) the venue was in Tasik Shah Alam. Not so far from our college after all. Basically our induction day revolved around a race, more like an 'explorace' game, er or the so-called 'ROOF' given by my mate Fitri ( the project director ). This explorace required the teams participated to find all the 5 checkpoints around the HUGE lake, and must complete each task there. Later on, they'll have to look for the clues in the designated area. Does this sound too challenging? If you ask me, more to tiring perhaps ;)

So earlier before that, I was assigned to aid in the food supply, conducting one of the games in the checkpoints as well as dealing with the lake's canoe management. Put aside helping my mates when it came to dealing with transportation. ( How grateful I was we managed to settle down the transportation thingy at the very last minute, plus our bus driver En Hasbullah being so nice to us ). Me and Fauzi had to handle the yellow checkpoint, which was the 'throw the bottles in the dustbin' game, errk please don't say its way silly, we really lack of ideas LOL..but it was surely fun for me anyway :D

Other games in the another 4 checkpoints, were more like the ones you'd normally come across in any Sukaneka hehehe..I guess the challenge of having to look for the checkpoints was the toughest one, given the size of the lake was pretty big. So lotsa running around. Oh I wish I could've joined them as well! must be a lot of calories burnt LOL.

At the end of the day, I felt so grateful for the event could be conducted smoothly though not many turned up during that day. Very  very glad we managed to collect quite enough participants, which was around 20. Plus, we also managed to order the food from my ALM cafe at the very last hours OK. Pheww~ as I've mentioned  before, for breakfast, Fauzi & I just bought some breads + mineral water in Giant the night before. 

The event ended quite earlier than planned, all the teams were very much energetic, bravo guys! kudos and much thanks, everyone. :)

Some pictures of the day :

Taa'ruf session first.

still with Taa'ruf.

one of the challenges, kayaking!

the Shah Alam lake. quite big for me.

guess what, I hid the clues here, go find it if you can LOL

and here, too.

didn't take many pictures urghhhh =,=

lunch, nasi hujan panas + acar timun + sambal ayam from ALM cafe
Extra2 yummy!


  1. wahhhh, macam grand aje...sedih tak dapat join.!!

  2. HAHAA biasa2 aje la Anon, club ni takde lah se grand your club LOLS..vvip gtu