Saturday, April 28, 2012

Scrummy Restaurant, off Jalan Ipoh KL

Greetings all. OK to be frank, we went to this Scrummy restaurant in the last two weeks, but still, do blame my hectic schedule currently, with my dreaded finals starting on next Monday, what else can I say? TBH, there are lots and lots of stories and pics needed to be unleashed, so I guess they all will be stored like ikan pekasam lah yer for a pretty while. 

Seriously, cut this short, all in all, we had a nice moment here. The service was excellent, the ambiance was even better, and the food was enjoyable :)

Plus, this restaurant had actually been endorsed in JJCM on TV3, something quite rare for me lol. The location was quite hidden as we kind of got lost findind it ( despite my cousin who drove the car used to go to one of the secondary school in the very same road too LOL ). 

the trademark colour of this restaurant, pink. Its something-you-wont-be-missed

posing first hehe

beautifully decorated menu, isn't it?

somehow I love this picture of mine lol

cousins with the menu.

the selection of cake of the day.

chicken aglio olio. pretty decent albeit the chicken  was rather, tough. 

caesar salad as starter.

another starter, deep fried fish finger.

my awesome drinks, mango juice! very refreshing indeed.

prawn aglio olio

our cake, red velvet. honestly, The Whisk's wins hands down with this.
The cream cheese had a very strong flavour.

beef aglio olio. seems like olio pretty much dominated the day huh? well, this restaurant is famous for its western and Italian delicacies after all :)

my choice, meatball bolognese. I just wish that they'd give more meatballs, and that the sauce was thicker just a lil bit.

the best meal amongst all, steak dayana. Love it.

us ;D

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