Friday, April 06, 2012

The Whisk @ Empire Shopping Gallery, Subang Jaya

Hello all. Last week, finally I could unleash my crave for 'real' macaroons, this time for real! like real macaroons I mean, not the shitty,bloody hell, keras like batu one at Chocolate World, which sucks to the max! and I wonder, just how come this awfully-disgusting-way-overpriced stall still could have opened up many branches around? just the thought on why people went gaga for this shit 'amazes' me. Saw one outlet as well in Empire Subang Gallery. Yeah I had my 'first' time experience of enjoying macaroons in The Whisk, which is located non other in Empire Subang. 

Thanks a lot ya for my cousins, who'd fetch me from Shah Alam to go there heheheee..Just a coincidence, my aunties family were also going back to Melaka last week, so why not I just hop on too LOL..

OK skip the wordy bordy part, now lets look at what we had. Surely a marvelous treat! would definitely say yes for another visit. #cantwait

macaroons hunting...

colourful selection of macaroons

oh gosh its Red Velvet bitch!

me and my cousin. The cafe concept is way too cool! :D

menu for drinks..

I like the interior design of this cafe..

seducing, yet yummeh macaroons, so worth my money ;)
cookies/ oreo? macaroon was definitely the hit.

red velvet and the macaroons.

took Granny's cake too.

addicted to this, big time. the cream cheese frosting was perfect.
and the cake, oh so fluffy! keep up this good work, guys.

Granny's cake, LOLed at its name. nice but much much prefer the red velvet tho.

hot coffee with nutella oh goodness.

The Whisk was also shortlisted as one of the best coffee place in KL, bravo!


  1. wow ! best gler ! bwk aku g situuuu ! hahaaa
    eh, hot coffee with nutella tu cwn dy coklat betul eh?
    btw, npe gmbar2 dlm entry ni mcm lawa? kaw pkai camera bru eaaa?

  2. hehehee dekat Empire Subang lohh, me got no transport of going there =.=
    coffee with nutella tu memang dia sapu real nutella pun! gambar lawa since guna dslr my cousin hehe