Monday, May 14, 2012

Anggerik Coffee Terrace @ Hotel UiTM Shah Alam

I have always been tempted to try the offerings in Hotel UiTM cafes, you know, they have never failed to put on huge banners in front of their compound, more than enough to catch the eyes of the passer-bys. and guess what, this strategy works, at least on me tho. 

So, on the other day, as if I mean *last month* right after we finished our ever-haunted Biology final exams ( which I should have never mentioned by the way =.= ) we just thought that it would be good moment to finally try the food here. Oh, and thanks also for some fella who borrowed my partner-in-crime his motorcycle. Seriously, we had a breeze in transportation! phew! 

OK to get my points straight, erm, vindictively I would honestly stretch on my disappointment upon my food. Alas, we still had a quality time there :D It was just that my lamb chop turned out to be a-eenie-minie-chop of lamb cutlets. Trust me, presentation wise it did look tempting. Oh, maybe not? the cutting, ah I shall say, was the most devastating incident inflicked upon my food. Plus, the beef was perhaps too overcooked. In other words, it was so tough, I felt like eating slippers to be frank. But overall still ok la, since the side dishes truly saved my meal. I so in love with their arugula salad ( with some oranges! ) and the crispy potato wedges too. But no harsh comments on my mates' food tho, the spageti meatball was fabulous as always ( I should have ordered this T.T ) .The lasagna I think had nothing to really shout about but was still passable I guess. Cannot beat the one in Teapot Deli I guess? Albeit still tasty like other lasagna heh.

Oh, did I ever tell that actually I had no idea that we went there during Wesak Day! so our initial plan of having some sizzling meals in the other cafe was diminished as it was closed.
Anyway, thank goodness they had 15% off for UiTM students, which practically applies for us! :D 

Enough with all these ramblings. now lets look at the food we had :) 

we actually went here for this!

the location, just beside the road. Certainly wont be missed.

the deco of the restaurant. quite nice I guess.

a must-have pic before placing the order lol

my partner-in-crime Shahnon :)

lamb trio. I truly love the side salad and crispy potato wedges.
Cant get enough of them. put aside the lamb =.="

my trio lamb chop, RM 26 I guess?

lasagna with bolognaise and bechamel sauce.
The portion is much smaller compared to the one we had in  The Teapot Deli

meatball bolognaise RM 13++ ( same price with the lasagna if not mistaken)

my cendol, something thats gotta be tried by cendol hunter like me keke.
RM 6.90 but still cendol's MT is still miles better than this :/

but this was awesome though, just like the other normal caramel pudding ;p
enlightening dessert for our sugar rush :)

after having our meal. this was in the al fresco section of the restaurant anyway.

P/S : all the pictures here were taken using Shahnon's new HTC 8-mp camera wootwoot


  1. i think the name is anggerik terrace instead of angsana...

  2. oh my god u r so true! memang aggerik pun how come boleh pop-up angsana ni? LOL