Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Domino's Pizza NEW Extreme Edge Crust

On the other day, I had the urge to try Dominos new crust, which is the Extreme Edge crust. Resembling PH's old version of Stuffed Crust ( their new version sucks by the way ) I truly cannot wait to get my hands on these new sensational addition. It would be so miserable for me as a cheese lover not to try it lol. OK so it was definitely awesome, albeit bit oily. Let's just proceed with the pictures :D

forever-top-choice, large classified chicken  :D

dessert! all time favourite banana kaya with cheese too on top.

what a very cheesy day. YUMSSSS

tho we were too full, yet some marvellous takoyaki could still be given some exceptions lol

we had TF on the other day actually but I still feel like posting anyway keke

mine. Literally drooling~


  1. you know Dominos is available in Teluk dont get jelous yer..

  2. seriously? zomfg envy yang amat ni kui3