Tuesday, May 08, 2012

English class party :D

Greetings all. Hokay, another long-delayed post that took place last month, too. LOL. In fact, this class party happened even before my study leaves, and now here I am feeling overjoyed with the finishing of my final semester's exams! Hoorahh..lol..

Now that ve all are done with our semester 2, this is definitely a perfect moment for me to avenge all the time lost and sacrificed from keeping my little blog alive and kicking, to, erk, tell silly stories of mine lol. Nevermind then as its not you who reads this, it's me lol lol. 

Let's just get back to the topic. OK on our last English lecture before semester 2 closed down, my classmates and my superbly gorgeous English lecturer, the ever-stylish-and-beautiful Miss Hani had an awesome class party ( with lots and lots of food! ) to symbolize our separation? ( tsk tsk hope we'll meet again next sem! lol ) . Now, lets just sit back, and enjoy the pictures :)

Radin's group performance ;))

oh-the-food ;p

the girls of 12M3, #try spot the uniqueness in this pic

me and the girls :)

Izzati, with her awesome video of snowy moments  she had back in Glasgow.

mee goreng, Miss Hani treated us with this! oh geezz Thanks is merely not enough!

yummy fruit cocktails from Diba ;D

wonderful tuna sandwiches nom omm

this is what I brought, the ever famous Famous Amos cookies!

my plate full of food..there's more than just this!

gorgeous Miss Hani and I ;D

Noel singing Katy Perry's I Kissed A Girl ;p

one of the best food of the day, luscious Kek Batik by Akmal.
still hard to believe she made this using rice cooker!

us and Sir Darfizzi, our Chemistry lecturer.


  1. tahniah sbb dah masuk senior year...kuih3x pro bolelah...