Sunday, May 13, 2012

Nasi Lemak Pak Ayub @ Seksyen 6

Kabare all. OK, this time am going to write about the so-called famous ( though I actually just heard of it at the last rate before am leaving Cendana btw ) Nasi Lemak Pak Ayub. Let's just cut this short since this post wont be interesting at all given the food itself aint interesting after all! LOL so my verdict, I don't know, but the nasi lemak here is just so-so. Well, maybe they're way too overrated by some people here and I shouldn't have bought that. 

But since am a nasi lemak hunter I'd say why not we try? Plus, the location is very damn near to my college, it just took minutes of walking only ( its located in Pasar Besar Seksyen 6 anyway). Should I miss the chance of sampling the nasi lemak here, I might feel regretful. But now I think I shouldn't be at all. 

FYI, Nasi Lemak Sijangkang FC is truly the best nasi lemak I've tried in Shah Alam EVER. Thank goodness for that ;)

the array of lauk selection.

my choice of Nasi Lemak Sotong at RM 3.50 I think. oh my, it was really so-so. lacked the kick, 
and the sambal was tad salty :(

nasi lemak telur mata. another disappoinment too eh? not up to expectations

now this is what I call nasi lemak, I adore you, nasi lemak Sijangkang FC with huge portion and crispy ayam berempah!
extremmmmmeeeely yummy! at only RM4.50. am so gonna miss you!


  1. I think it's better than kedai sebelah tu. dah rasa tak. Hu hu

  2. unfortunately, we didnt have the chance to explore other food places around there given we are in Sec18 currently :/

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