Thursday, May 31, 2012

Seoul Garden @ Mahkota Parade, Melaka

Greetings. OK last week, me and my longtime-friend went to Mahkota Parade, simply to meet up and make up for all that time lost. Phew, gossipping and chit-chatting was never enough when I am with my good friend lol. Oh, another aim we went here was to try the Singapore-origin Seoul Garden, which is notoriously famous for its dirtly reasonable buffet lunch, with an addition of students discount that would definitely, and always, attract me heh. Yeah, we just have to pay for around 20 ++, cant remember exact amount, say MYR 25 perhaps, given its on weekdays. Yes dear, you better go here during weekdays :) 

Oh, one more little thing that must never be taken lightly into account, always bring your students ID here ok, I rather found their staff to be quite strict about this students discount thingy. Too unfortunate I forgot to remind my mate to bring along her student ID too, ahh my bad. 

Nothing much to ramble, lets just see some food porns lol ;)

the location of Seoul Garden here in MP is pretty hidden. I missed it on many, many occasions before. Albeit, finally!

some of the cooked food selection for your grill/ broth, with the likes of sausages, crab sticks, meatballs, 
some veggies, noodles, fishballs etc

closer-up view

the interior of Seoul Garden Melaka, the origin of Seoul Garden in Malaysia
*even before it ever reaches KL, ahem *

some dim sums too, which I only managed to sample one, too stuffed, too much!

some pau too. ni tak sempat nak rasa pun :/

meet my partner-in-crime of the day :)

before the binge begins hiks

the raw food selection, the fish options remain the best for me, didn't take the beefs tough.

oh, still left some space for some dessert. Cendol, anyone?

we chose Tomyam broth. yummmy

1st round heh. more to coming!

cooking time with love. I guess even a badass cook could still make this grilling a sensation one tho.
splendid food, definitely :D

happily diggin in, before I was left with tight stomach and bloated feeling, which I truly despise :(

a lil bit of potato salad, kimchi & coleslaw too. normal taste.

my version of cendol with some longans. badass taste by the way lol
should just take the longans only instead., very refreshing.

another round of dessert. with some pineapple cubes & yam ice cream.

P/S by the way, this restaurant has this some kind of unique law, whoever failed to finished up any portion of their food shall pay for the wasted food, with RM 5 punished for each 500g of food wasted. Though, I dont know whether they really implement it or not ( bet they do! given the strictness of their bouncers employees lol ) We finished all our food anyway heh :)

albeit non-related, I NEED this cardi :'(

but glad I managed to get myself a turtle neck shirt tho weee :D


  1. looking delicious and many choices there...nway nice cardigan.

  2. absolutely! plus its a buffet summore where u'll eat till u drop lol..oh myy u just made me wanna buy that cardi now, I actually bought that turtle neck tho :'(

  3. LOL...nway that one also damn craving to take some time eating at this hot food spot

  4. come to Melaka la! LOL sorry long time havent touched blogs, so the late reply :)

  5. how much you paid for the lunch??

  6. ah my memories are acting bit naughty here, can't truly recall the price, but perhaps it was around MYR 30 I with tax whatnot..