Saturday, May 05, 2012

Sushi Zanmai @ The Gardens

super-short entry this time. Oh well, am in the midst of extra incredibly busier ( yet lousier than ever ) exam weeks, ( so do merely 2 weeks basically count eh? ) , here I am again, still trying to put up as much pictures I've taken as possible on to this glorious personal and glamorously unfamous notepad of mine. 

OK, back to the story, last month ve went to Sushi Zanmai in The Gardens just to sample the ever famous soft shell crab ( YES I finally managed to get my hands down on these crowd's favourite after all these times oh ) Anyone who haven't tested this magnificent foodie, go get yourself soon before it goes out of fashion lol.As pathetically stereotype as I might sound, well not everyone would love Japanese food after all. Some of my friends could have been the best example ever for me. No one to blame of course. OH, is this what we call as cutting short just now? Dammit. OK.

Let me just get this thing straight, my overall verdict? of course, as predicted the food TOTALLY amazed me, and I mean it as if it could go straight into the first page of my top favourite food in my life I guess. lol hyperbola lol. But yeah it could be true anyway. Maybe I just superbly love those soft shell crabs at my first bite. I strongly do not think that this could grow any older, i.e. goes out of the limelight. OH please no. 

Let's just take a look at the food pictures shall we. ( how monologue is that =.= )

welcome! eh eh

current craze, yet am kinda afraid to try that avocado since I know am not an avid avocado lover
( OK I intenely disliked it at my first bite years back then -.- )

I wish I could have these on, say at least once a week. ohhhh T.T

fresh, juicy salmon sashimi. Very decent to my liking, but of course, they were rather overshadowed by the greatness  of the soft shell crabs lol

P/S : I din take too much food as I actually had already taken my late lunch just before that ;P

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  1. wah!susah nk jumpe laki yg minat sushi.huhu.nway, soft shell crab tu mmg sodap!siyesly..