Saturday, May 19, 2012

Sushi Zanmai @ Sunway Pyramid

Another visit to Sushi Zanmai outlet, this time in its original branch located in Sunway Pyramid, my usual shopping spot. The location is quite hidden actually, but you could find it easily once you spot HK Kim Gary or Chatime 2nnd booth at the very end of the mall, then Sushi Zanmai is right above Kim Gary I supposed. Oh well, its been here since 2008 after all LOL. 

Nevermind, we actually went here last month hehe. So lets just see the pictures instead of my ramblings lol.

Chicken Katsu Don, Rm 8.80.
Nice one, the chicken cutlets were crispy enough.

another chicken don, mine, MYR 8.80 too.
The portion for the egg is pretty generous.

the best meal ever! Spider roll, MYR 13.80 only
Sof Shell Crab forever in my heart lol

Salmon Teriyaki. MYR 14?
Had to wait almost 30 minutes for these alone, paiseh =.='

MYR 1 green tea, which was basically tasteless for me heh

had some banana pearl milk tea to get a fix for Chatime :)

this was super awesome tho, hazelnut milk tea

and... some cinnamon sticks too! yummy yummy

lastly, the ever delicious Red Velvet cupcake from Cupcake Chic ;D
MYR 4.90 a piece.


  1. looking delicious...but im so into japenesse food

  2. sangatlah sedap I tell you, particularly that soft shell crab *7th heaven* whats with the 'but' ? tak faham LOL