Saturday, June 30, 2012

Food I've Made ;D

BEWARE: ugly-looking food ahead. DO NOT scroll down if you do not wish to lose your appetite.


one of the many food I've made on my semester break, non-bake oreo cheesecake xx

...and this is my 3rd attempt actually..did it work? OK, but not as good as the ones in SR of course.

eaten with grapes my dad coincidentally bought..

pancakes too.. oh blimey, this one I just made it using the ready-made flour from Pillsbury, One-Step Pancake Mix! 

another pancakessss

but trust me, this one I made from scratch, using the right ingredients : flour, baking powder, eggs, milk and sugar.
obviously tasted better than the chemical-laden ready-made pancake mix :D

...and Kek Batik too!

nevertheless, I found it to be too sweet to my liking :l
same ol' spaghetti that I've been made since I was in Standard 5 but never mastered :/


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    1. HEEHEE tak ada apa pun tu, still u're miles miles miles better than me :'D